Metro Public Health Department officials announced that a Hepatitis A outbreak has hit Nashville with a total of 14 confirmed cases of acute hepatitis A.

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Russell R. · August 13, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Plenty of opioids for every child and adult though. This country is sooo screwed up.

Colonel nom de guerre · August 13, 2018 at 12:01 pm

Since the city brings in drugs addicts from around the state and even outside; it's not surprising. Like the Hope center and all the others. I know one lady who just got a free treatment of 110k for Hep at one center. Bear in mind; these people have been in and out of centers all their lives and it seldom works long term. Yet they manage at the tax payers expense. Took a tour of the hope center and I was not impressed. The money they spend to graduate roughly two people per month; and the recidivist rate is about least 50 percent and higher if you include the ones who have not got caught yet. So all those rich types are spending all that money to help one person a month. But it creates a few jobs at the center and that's what it's all about. Besides after shinning up the demons; they can go out and harvest a young christian to ruin (happened to me). Which is the case many times. So save one life and ruin another as the say. If you total everything; one has to wonder where the silver lining is these days. There is a reason people don't come clean after several attempts. It's because they are losers. This hep thing is just getting started. So are the other diseases. Think women handle chemicals well. I'll bet in a few years; women will suck down medical costs like never before on a cradle to grave story line. Used to be heart disease was a man's disease. Wait a few years. If you think Nashville has problems paying it's bills now; just give it a couple more liberals years. The only reason statistics are not worse these days for women is because they are still including the older women who never drank or smoked and lived a cleaner life. When that generation dies off… it will be to late to put the genie back into the bottle. Some of the hep does not wash off; it you think Hep A is bad. Good luck Nashville. You think Jesus would of invited devils into his families house. I think not; he always said sin no more. Yet we have fundamentally changed charity in this country as a function of liberal left. So reap the rewards.

phtevlin · August 13, 2018 at 12:01 pm

In 1952, my parents were diagnosed with Hepatitis A–my mother nearly died from it; both required extensive hospitalization. My aunt suffered a miscarriage as a result of her being disgnosed with it. Hepatitis A is a serious illness.

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