Paul’s Testimonial for Dario Da Ponte’s Healings

How it works:

Dario accesses deep levels of divine conscious fields of energy and channels the energy towards a specific intent. In this case, it was for Paul to accept himself and be able to look at himself straight in the mirror without feeling horrible. Something he did not do for 10 years.

This is done remotely and the individual receiving the healing energy needs not be aware of when it is happening. They simply need to give permission for Dario to carry out this work on their behalf.

He sees when the shifts take place and powerful illuminations of the distorted fields are cleared allowing for “new” information to occupy the once dense spaces within the person’s field.

This results in the individual receiving the energy to often feel like a huge weight has lifted off their body. Clearing understanding of the person’s life sweeps in. Thoughts shift. Perceptions improve overall.

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